Shark Tank-Episode 205 aired April 22,2011

This blog reviews each episode of the Shark Tank from the Entrpreneur’s point of view. “Sharky Awards” are given to the  Entrepreneurs with the best performances.

Normally I award two or three “Sharkies” each week. This week’s group was so weak I simply can’t justify giving even one. And so, four Shark Chum Awards will be given.

Shark Chum #1…..Deidrea from Hot Mama Gowns

Nice product, but shut-up and listen a little! Investors think they are really smart and don’t like fast glib answers from newbie Entrepreneurs.  Daymond said it best, “You have all the answers…’ll never learn from me. I’m out”.

Shark Chum #2…..Ben & Melissa from CaddySwag

As a  golfer, these two really insulted my intelligence. Lots of today’s golf bags have built-in cooler compartments with thermal linings. Also, instead of buying their Par 6 Cooler someone can always bring a few brews on the course without raising the ire of the starter or ranger. Dumb product.

Shark Chum #3…..Kim from Daisy Cakes

Kim gave a great presentation but her whole business model relies on the productivity of her elderly Mother to bake cakes in her kitchen. This is not a scaleable business! (Note: after the show they received a ton of orders but their website crashed).

Shark Chum #4……Shane from SweepEasy

Shane got more funding than he originally asked for so it would seem he should win a Sharky. Unfortunately he had no orders and a prototype that looked more like a jousting weapon or windshield scaper. Shane, if your floor is that dirty, use a sponge mop!  

This crop was weak or had non-scaleable businesses. Shark Tank executives…..let’s beef up the contestant line-up and bring back Mark Cuban!


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