Shark Tank Entrepreneurs Appearing in Season 2- Top 10 List

For every episode in Season 2 of ABC’s Shark Tank TV show, I have given “Sharky Awards” to the entrepreneurs with the best overall performances. Now that the season is over, I have evaluated all the winners for the year and have compiled a Top 10 List of the best of the best entrepreneurs.   Congratulations to these entrepreneurs, starting with Number 10 ….  

Top 10 Shark Tank Entrepreneurs (May 2011)

Most of the entrepreneurs on my Top 10 list had the following traits in common:

  1. First-hand knowledge of their products and market prior to starting their companies.
  2. Gave memorable, compelling presentations.
  3. Their products were unique and different.
  4. Had a track record of increasing sales revenues.
  5. Passion

Also, they didn’t talk too much, they listened, and the investors could envision working nicely with each of them. They were not high-maintenance people.

The Top 3 entrepreneurs will receive free copies of my new book, “The Self-Funded  Entrepreneur: Unlocking Your Entrepreneurial Potential Using Practical Marketing, Money, and Management Strategies”. It will be available in September. Congrats!


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