My Reasons for Becoming an Entrepreneur

My original objectives for becoming an entrepreneur were to:

-Create something new, unique, and useful that would improve productivity.

-Stop working in a slow-moving bureaucracy. 

-Be independent and control my own destiny. 

-Spend less time traveling and commuting. That gets old in a hurry. (At two different times in my career, I commuted five hours a day. I totaled all the time I spent commuting plus working and calculated an hourly rate. At the time, if I could figure out a way to start a business and make ten dollars an hour, I would be way ahead of the game!)

 -Apply management skills I had learned working at various companies.

– Do meaningful work.

You’ll notice that making money was not a motivating force in the beginning. I viewed making money more as a scorekeeping method than a step toward creating great personal wealth.

That changed over time. My secondary objectives became:

  • Make a good living and save for retirement. 
  • Lead a balanced lifestyle. 
  • Grow the business. 
  • Eventually sell the business and do something else (like writing this book).

It took twenty-eight years, but we accomplished each of these goals. It was a great ride and rewarding in so many ways. It was by far the greatest experience of my professional life. I hope you get the same opportunity I had. I hope that the things I learned can help you succeed and achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

From…. Unlocking Your Entrepreneurial Potential: Marketing, Money, and Management Strategies for the Self-Funded Entrepreneur

by Tim S. McEneny 

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Author of "Unlocking Your Entrpreneurial Potential: Marketing, Money, and Management Strategies for the Self-Funded Entrepreneur"
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