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Unlocking Your Entrepreneurial Potential….Book Review by Tim Berry

Are you looking to build your own business? Go out on your own? Sadly, we tend to overemphasize the high-end process of developing a plan and then getting investment, while the vast majority of real businesses are self funded. I … Continue reading

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What is the single biggest mistake new entrepreneurs make?

I’m often asked… “What’s the biggest single mistake new entrepreneurs make when starting a new business?”   I believe the single biggest mistake is getting into a business where you don’t thoroughly understand the customer.   It’s one thing to know how … Continue reading

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Advice to new entrepreneurs (both young and old)

I am often asked what one piece of advice I would give to someone who is thinking about starting their own business. I answered  this question recently in the following short video One of the criticisms of self-funded entrepreneurs is that … Continue reading

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