Becoming a contestant on the Shark Tank TV Show

I recently spoke with Gary Gagnon, the founder of REMYXX, about how he became a contestant on Shark Tank. Gary will be appearing on tomorrow night’s episode of Shark Tank (May 18, 2012) in hopes of getting an investment for his company. REMYXX makes 100% recyclable sneakers. Their website is

I asked Gary how he became a contestant on Shark Tank. He described his journey to the show…….

 “The Shark Tank process for me began by applying online in May, 2011 at, In June they announced open casting calls that took place in CA and Dallas, TX. Of course since I submitted my 1-page product-business application I could only wonder if I would get picked out of what I heard was 10,000+ applicants. Otherwise, as I saw the open-casting call pop-up one day on the ABC site, my wife and I figured if I want on the show, I better go. My two boys of course said go-go-go. As a last-minute decision, I used all of my frequent flyer miles to book the ticket and headed to Dallas.

In Dallas, there seemed to be about 600 people. It was like waiting in line for concert tickets were the casting producers eventually passed out numbered wrist bands, I was #109. Upon my turn I was screened at one table where they wanted to hear my pitch about my sneakers, business, success, and my personal situation. I guess I did well at that table because I made it to another room where on video I talked again about my sneakers, business, and personal life. . . . . After that it was a very long waiting game to know if I would make it to “Hollywood” or in this case the ABC studio in Culver City, CA. A few months later, the good news came when I was contacted by two very nice assistant producers. I was still not on the show yet but it was in the running. Again they worked with me to understand my product, business strategy, value to the sharks, and how I would come-off on camera. It was still a long process and at all times the ABC staff always told you there are no guarantees.
A few  months later I was selected to tape at the ABC studio. It was very cool at the studio but also there was a sense of pressure for everybody. It was a feeling of, “this is my one shot” on top of waiting your turn and wanting to hit all points in your presentation. Notably, the ABC staff at all levels was awesome. After the long haul, I finally got my chance to pitch to The Sharks. It was together cool, exciting, and a relief. Simply, I was glad to be able to start talking about my product and engage live with the Sharks. What happens next? Tune-in Friday, May 18 at 8:00 EST to see REMYXX cool sneakers 100% recyclable”.

Thanks, Gary. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s show. I have a funny feeling you will be successful regardless of the outcome. I hope we can talk  again after the show. Good luck!


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