Shark Tank episode aired November 16, 2012

Good show tonite. But I think the Sharks missed a good opportunity when they took a pass on my Platinum Sharky Award winner…..

Platinum Sharky Award………Jackie from Nearly Newlywed

Why would I give Jackie this prestigious award when she didn’t land a deal?  Here’s why…..She was smart, she was hungry, she presented well, her company was created based on her own wedding experience, and she had a great business model. Besides, she did get an offer from Mr. Wonderful, and turned it down! This shows wisdom beyond her years.

The idea of buying a wedding gown at a deeply discounted price and having the option to return it after the wedding and to receive a 50% refund makes perfect sense in today’s economy.  The demand for this will increase in the coming years…..who cares if you don’t keep the wedding dress in your closet or basement? Today many brides change into another outfit at their reception anyway! This is an idea whose time has come.

Gold Sharky Award…….Rob from Ruckpack

This Accounting professor from the Naval Academy has developed a great energy drink based on his experience in the Marines. He ended up getting an offer of $250K for 20% equity from Kevin and Robert based on the heavy demand for this drink. Rob was inspirational and he had a strong track record.

I must say that based on recent findings on the dangers of energy drinks, I would be hesitant to invest in this company……or any other company in this category.

Shark Chum…… Nathan and Shane from Corks Away were entertaining but had some issues. I’ll give them credit, they did succeed in getting the Sharks drunk by serving them lots of wine. However, their business was not scalable and therefore not investable.

David and Scott from TIETRY gave a very nice presentation, but their business (renting neckties) hasn’t been proven. They also lacked passion for their product (point made by Daymond) and the cost of customer acquisition is unknown at this time (point made by Mark Cuban). BTW, can anyone really get excited about ties?   




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3 Responses to Shark Tank episode aired November 16, 2012

  1. davejay says:

    What recent findings about energy drinks are you referring to? I’d be curious to read them. My impression of ruck pack is that this is actually healthy and would benefit from bad press about energy drinks, since its not actually one.

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