Shark Tank episode aired November 1, 2013

This was one of the best Shark Tank episodes of all time. It had all the elements  and emotions you might want…….great products, great entrepreneurs, and lots of investment offers from the Sharks. I’m awarding three Sharky Awards for entrepreneurial excellence.

Sharky Award for Shark Tank excellence

November 1, 2013
Sharky Awards

Platinum Sharky Award…..Kevin and Tim from Better Life 

These two have created all-natural cleaning products that work better than existing popular cleaning products. They gave a great demo and showed how clean their  products get tile surfaces. I loved how they ended the demo… spraying their product into their mouths to show how safe the products are! Very compelling stuff.

More compelling is their revenue during the last 12 months….$2.1 million. They are on track for $3 million this year.

This led to a frenetic bidding war. Each of the Sharks made an offer or partnered with a fellow Shark. Kevin and Tim stated at the outset that they were looking for a strategic partner…..not just a financial investor. They ended up going with Lori Greiner who will get them on QVC and in Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Great choice. Lori pointed out she has made more millionaires of Shark Tank contestants over the past year than any other Shark ever has.

Gold Sharky Award……Solomon from 180 Cup

Solomon created cups that are ideal for college parties. You can easily drink a shot and a beer from the same cup by turning it over. He ended up getting an investment from Daymond, but he almost blew it. He turned down Daymond’s first offer and it ended up costing him an additional 5% equity for the same $300K  offer when the other Sharks dropped out..

Solomon never went to college. He’s proof that anyone with the desire to succeed can become a successful entrepreneur through creativity and hard work.

Silver Sharky Award………John from Tree T-Pee

First, I think John has a great product. It reduces water consumption for trees grown on farms.  JP, “The New Shark”, invested $150K for 20%……just what John asked for. To expand his business outside of Florida, perhaps into California, John may have to make his T-Pee’s out of a bio-degradable material instead of plastic.

Second, am I the only person who occasionally cries watching Shark Tank? John’s memory of his Father, who died 12 years ago, was very emotional. He was a great man who taught John “everything he knows” and came from nothing. Very sweet moment.

Shark Chum Award…….Jason from Kymera Body Board had put $130K of his own money into his business over the last 10 years and has  never gotten past the prototype phase. He was labeled a “wantrepreneur” by Mark Cuban. He was also “nominated” by Daymond for the worst pitch of Season 5.


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5 Responses to Shark Tank episode aired November 1, 2013

  1. mark woods says:

    Hello, In reference to jason, they cut every important aspect of his invention out of the show. Did you hear mention of the rescue application? Or the rental fleet potential? For their reasons they omitted these things and much more. Just wait and see what happens next. They missed a huge opportunity with this one and i dont think my Son was shark chum. Maybe your a chump but i would not say it.

    • Jason from Kymera Body Boards had a tough night last Friday Night on Shark Tank. Mark Cuban called him a “wantrepreneur” and Daymond said it was the worst presentation he had ever seen.

      After Jason left the stage and walked down the hall and said on camera, “They couldn’t see the potential”.

      Jason may have a great product, but investors look at an entrepreneur’s track record. With very few sales over a 10 year period, this would have been a high risk investment……and investors don’t like taking risks where the perceived rewards are too small.

      I wish Jason well and I hope he proves the Sharks wrong.

      • mark woods says:

        Take a look at the kymera body board now! You can view the production model on facebook kymera or just go to kymera body boards. Production is now underway with the first production model in finished form. This products time has finally come.

      • Mark….As I recall from Jason’s appearance on Shark Tank, you guys started working on the Kymera Body Board in 2003. I’ll give you an A+ for your perseverance! I watched the video on your website and the product looks like its come a long way since your episode. Looks like it will be fun to ride! I assume at $2,900 per board, your target market will be resorts and beaches.

  2. Chelsea Lopez says:

    Id have to say I agree with you statements about this weeks shark tank episodes. It was easy to see that Better Life product was by far the best, they came in with all the information and goals and really proved that their product was everything they said it was and even better than leading competitors. Easily the worst presenter was Jason with the Kymera boards. Jason just really didn’t have all the information he needed to secure a deal and was always making excuses as to why he has not sold any products in 10 years. It was like Jason was coming in and blindly asking for an investment in a company that is really not even a company yet with a successful market or product. Id have to say that Johnny with Tree’s T-Pees was my second best and that may just be because I am an agriculture student, I may have been a little biased. I also agree his presentation was emotional. Overall I think he was very brave to come in and speak on behalf of all farmers and really represent the farming industry and stick to his morals about the prices and knowing what farmers need and want. He really represented such a large part of our economy that so many people neglect everyday. As a college student I didn’t find the presentation about the 180 Cup to be very strong and compelling. I believe it is a genius idea and great product I just was not sold on it just by the presentation a lone.

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