Shark Tank episode aired February 21, 2014

Tonite’s episode featured four strong entrepreneurs. Three of them have a good chance of becoming successful and they will share a Sharky Award.

Sharky Award for Shark Tank excellence

Sharky Award
February 21, 2014

Jason from Escape and Evasion is a former CIA agent. He gave a compelling demonstration of a couple of escape tactics and had $300K+ in annual sales. He wanted the Sharks to invest in his seminar business and his newly purchased Utah ranch which was to become his “corporate headquarters”. The Sharks didn’t want to get involved in the ranch but were interested in his seminar road show. I can see this becoming a nice $5 million business. Jason accepted Daymond’s offer of $150K for a 45% stake.

Diamond Dallas Page of DDP Yoga did not get an investment from the Sharks. I think they missed the boat.

DDP Yoga has many of the right ingredients for a successful start-up……They have $3 million in annual sales,  a knowledgeable general partner who has personally used this yoga technique, a great customer success story, a strong business partner, profitability, rapid growth, etc. The Sharks fixated on their need to migrate from DVD’s to the online world and so DDP received no offers.  This is not the first company to have to deal with disruptive technologies and be forced to change their platform to stay competitive. Ever hear of Netflix?

Erica from  Southern Culture Artisan Foods is a powerful young lady. I would invest in her any day. She couldn’t get her pancake mix into all  the Whole Food stores in the region so she called each one individually and convinced them to give her some shelf space.  She is a hard worker and a determined entrepreneur. She accepted an offer from Barbara. They will make a great team.

Shark Chum Award……Brian from Moberi pedals “$2,000 Blender Bikes” to make smoothies in Portland. Having visited Portland this summer I can see how this could be very successful.  This business will have a tough time scaling, however. Key West, Fl. might be a good next location. Mr. Wonderful asked a good question…..”Brian, what do you want to do with your life?”

Update…….Glad to see previous Platinum Sharky Award winner Gameface is doing so well. They are licensing their “facepaint 2.0” product to NCAA and NFL teams. Their sales will exceed $2 million this year.


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    This episode was re-broadcast June 27, 2014……. Three Sharky Award winners.

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