Shark Tank episode aired March 7, 2014

Normally, I focus on the entrepreneurs and not on the Sharks. On last night’s episode, however, it was difficult to ignore the wild and crazy antics of the Sharks. But I digress…the winner of last night’s two Sharky  awards for entrepreneurial excellence are:

Platinum Sharky Award…….Kent from Revolights

This Mechanical Engineering graduate invented and manufactured a replacement for bicycle lights. By attaching a number of LED’s to bicycle wheels that give a “strobe light” effect when the bike is being ridden, Kent’s product provides a safer environment for bikers at night. It was a very cool product and with $600K in annual sales, and the Sharks were very interested.

After Mr. Wonderful’s usual “Royalties in Perpetuity” offer (now known as RIP), the serious bidding began. Shark Robert was so excited about Revolight’s prospects, he offered Kent double what he  originally asked for! When Mark Cuban heard the offer and watched Kent’s “poker face”reaction, he inexplicably went crazy. I love Mark Cuban and agree with his analysis 99.9% of the time, but in this case he was a little over the top.

Why Mark, were you so upset? Because Kent didn’t jump for joy when he got the offer? Because he didn’t smile and kiss Robert? I didn’t get it. I went to school with hundreds of ME’s at Lehigh and can tell you they are not the most animated/emotional people in the world. I thought Kent’s reaction was predictable and professional given his background.

Gold Sharky Award……..Tim from U-Lace

Tim had invented some sneaker laces that were multi-colored and easy to tie. He gave an excellent presentation and had generated sales of $193K in the last 8 months…..all in Japan.

Tim was inspirational and a very charismatic individual. After generating a little interest from the Sharks, he told a story of how he “got rid of all the stuff that doesn’t matter in my life” so he could keep the business alive and allow him to focus completely on his dream. He ended up getting a nice deal from Mark, who has some ready-made channels for Tim’s product (including the Mav’s and their venue).

Shark Chum Awards…….Mike from Buffer Bit had an attachment for an electric drill that could be used to shine shoes and detail cars. Mark Cuban, being in his aforementioned funky mood, decided it should be used to buff Daymond’s head.  No deal here.

Lisa and Ivan from Squeeky Knees created a clothing product that every stressed-out parent of a toddler craves……a way for the little bundle of joy to make a squeak every time he/she crawls. They put squeakers in the knee pads of the baby’s garments. The Sharks were unanimous on this one…….this is a product the market does not need or want. To add insult to injury, they got into a squabble with Mark over their lack of focus on their business.

Mark was indeed very busy last night!!!!!


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6 Responses to Shark Tank episode aired March 7, 2014

  1. Tim Talley says:

    I’d like a Sharky Statue for my desk…how do i get one? Tim from U-Lace.

  2. Reblogged this on TimMcEneny and commented:

    This Shark Tank episode was rebroadcast on July 4th. Lots of fireworks and 2 Sharky Awards!

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