Shark Tank episode aired April 10, 2014

I felt sorry for the entrepreneurs appearing on tonite’s show. They got caught in the middle of a series of juvenile arguments about who’s better……”The Boy Sharks or the Girl Sharks”.  I felt like I was back in my elementary school playground debating who the stronger sex is.

It all started when one of the Boy Sharks (Mark Cuban) referred to Barbara and Lori as “the girls”, and the fact that the guys owned businesses that could actually buy things…..and the girls didn’t own businesses that could buy things.

First of all, in business, it is bad form to refer to females as girls (unless they’re still in high school). Anyone older should be referred to as a lady or a woman. Even one of the contestants got sucked in and referred one of his business partners as a “girl”.

Anyway, the entrepreneurs were all excellent tonite.  Scott and Josh from Velocity Signs got a nice deal from the “Boy Sharks”. Mark agreed to buy 5 of the motorized moving signs with Dirk Nowitzki’s picture on it for use in the Dallas Mav’s arena.  Scott and Josh raised $225K in capital.

Erin and Jenny from “Hold Your Haunches” evened the score with the Boys when they took a deal from the Girl sharks. Their elastic shapers were not understood by the Boys (Mr. Wonderful even said he would litigate for fraud and false advertising if his date ever wore one).

Pat from Happy Feet had a nice business selling extra comfy slippers. Apparently both the Boys and Girls understood this product. Shark Robert nabbed this deal while the other Sharks were talking. Pat was a marketing maven….. he uses Snooki from Jersey Shore as a sales channel and spokesperson. (btw, he referred to Snooki as a girl!).

Sanjiv from “Lord Nut Levington” had an impressive background and had put over $1 million of his own money into his flavored peanut business. The Sharks didn’t bite on this one  because Sanjiv didn’t have a good growth plan and lacked passion for his peanuts.





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One Response to Shark Tank episode aired April 10, 2014

  1. Erin Bickley says:

    Hi Tim,
    We think you and many others (men) may be shocked by how Hold Your Haunches sold upon their Shark Tank appearance; and the waiting list we have after selling 95% of our stock within 36 – 48 hours of airing! We certainly did not go in looking for the boy/girl fight! But women get what women want. Thankful for our Sharks and their foresight. Cheers-Erin & Jenny

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