Shark Tank episode aired January 24, 2014

This Shark Tank episode was re-broadcast on June 20, 2014. Susan from Freshly Picked won a Sharky.


This episode featured three strong entrepreneurs. One of these three stood out and was arguably the strongest contestant on Shark Tank this season.  This week’s Sharky Award goes to….

ABC Shark Tank TV Show January 24, 2014
Freshly Picked

Susan from Freshly Picked was incredible. She had a great combination of moxie, a sense of humor, and knowledge of her market (shoes for toddlers). She was totally comfortable in her own skin and even had Mr. Wonderful eating out of the palm of her hand.

Here’s what made Susan so appealing to the Sharks. 1) Her annual sales were $5ooK 2) She generated $120K in profits 3) She used Instagram to help sell her products 4) Half of her customers placed repeat orders for three or more pairs of shoes.

But it was her story about how she raised the money to start her business that won the day.

She was broke and had no money to fund a start-up…

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