Shark Tank episode aired March 7, 2014

This Shark Tank episode was rebroadcast on July 4th. Lots of fireworks and 2 Sharky Awards!


Normally, I focus on the entrepreneurs and not on the Sharks. On last night’s episode, however, it was difficult to ignore the wild and crazy antics of the Sharks. But I digress…the winner of last night’s two Sharky  awards for entrepreneurial excellence are:

Platinum Sharky Award…….Kent from Revolights

This Mechanical Engineering graduate invented and manufactured a replacement for bicycle lights. By attaching a number of LED’s to bicycle wheels that give a “strobe light” effect when the bike is being ridden, Kent’s product provides a safer environment for bikers at night. It was a very cool product and with $600K in annual sales, and the Sharks were very interested.

After Mr. Wonderful’s usual “Royalties in Perpetuity” offer (now known as RIP), the serious bidding began. Shark Robert was so excited about Revolight’s prospects, he offered Kent double what he  originally asked for! When Mark Cuban heard the offer and watched Kent’s “poker face”reaction, he inexplicably…

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