Best (and Worst) of Shark Tank Season 5 Now Available

Every great entertainment enterprise has an annual awards show. ESPN has the ESPY Awards, Broadway has the Tony Awards, and TV has the Emmy Awards. The Shark Tank TV show now has The Sharky Awards. Click to see the winners (and losers) of Season 5. Scroll down to see the winners of Seasons 3 and 4.

Each week in Seasons 3, 4, and 5 , Sharky Awards were given to the best performing entrepreneurs appearing in each episode. These winners were not necessarily the contestants receiving funding from the Sharks, they were the entrepreneurs that gave the best presentations, had created the best business models, had gained the most traction in the marketplace, etc.

Since the objective of this blog is to educate current and future entrepreneurs, I am highlighting “the worst of” in several categories…… not to demean or belittle the participants, but to point out opportunities for improvement. We all learn more from our weak performances than from our strong ones. Becoming a successful entrepreneur is much the same……an ongoing learning process.

Season 5 Sharky Awards

Best and Worst Shark Tank Season 5

The Season 5 Sharky awards have been expanded to 10 categories:

-Best Presentation by an Entrepreneur

-The Four Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of Season 5

-Best Presentation by an Entrepreneur (Youth Division)

-Best Presentation by an Entrepreneur NOT Getting an Investment

-Worst Presentation by an Entrepreneur

-Best Shark Tank episode

-Worst Shark Tank episode

-Best one-liners

-Worst one-liners

-Season 5 Shark of the Year Award

Any comments or suggestions? Who was your favorite (and least favorite) entrepreneur and Shark in Season 5?


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