Shark Tank episode aired October 31, 2014

On February 27th, the episode originally aired on October 31, 2014 was re-broadcast.


This was an extremely entertaining episode! The Sharks did a couple of deals but I am not awarding any Sharky Awards for entrepreneurial excellence. Here’s why….

Patrick from TITIN got a deal from Shark Daymond John, but I have a funny feeling this deal will never be consummated once it goes thru the due diligence process. Patrick’s company makes weighted body apparel that is used to increase athletic performance. His company had sales of $600K last year. Patrick said he would do $10 million next year….”easily”.

Mark Cuban said his “BS Meter was going thru the roof”. Mr. Wonderful said he thought Patrick was in the “arrogant ass category”. I thought Patrick had a “far away look in his eyes”. I just had a bad feeling about this deal.

In fairness to Patrick, he had previously been burned by an investor and was being very cautious.   But I think all the Sharks…

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