Shark Tank episode aired May 1, 2015

The winner of this episode’s Sharky Award for entrepreneurial excellence is…….

Pat (Boone) and Ethan from Zero Pollution Motors have the rights to build and sell a car that runs on air in the State of Hawaii. The car runs on compressed air, can go up to 50mph, and has a range of 100 miles. ZPM ended up landing a deal with Shark Robert who loves cars. The offer was for $5 million for 50% of the company contingent on Robert sitting down with the company that developed the car (currently in Europe) to negotiate a license to build and sell the cars throughout the U.S.  If that happens, this could prove to be a huge success! If not, no harm, no foul.

Best of the Rest……Greg from World Record Striper Company is a world-class fisherman. He developed fish bait called “Rattlefood” which helped him catch the largest striped bass ever in the U.S.  Shark Mark Cuban made Greg an offer and the company will be merged with Shell Bobbers, another fishing oriented company which Mark had invested in prior to this episode. Greg was a delight! He loved fishing, he loved being on Shark Tank, and he loved life.

Konrad and Kevin from Frameri made designer glasses with snap in/out lenses. They had a great product but their “ask” was way too high ($4.3 million valuation) and their go-to-market experience was way too low. They only got one low-ball offer from Mr. Wonderful and turned it down. They seemed so passive, I got the feeling that they were quite happy not doing a deal and just getting the exposure of being on Shark Tank.

Shauna from Paleo Diet Foods gave a nice presentation (loved the caveman!), but she had too many balls in the air and was spread too thin. For example, she was a trainer, a dental hygienist, an entrepreneur, and a mother of three. The Sharks thought she was running in too many directions and lacked focus. Shauna shed a few tears during her presentation. I believe it was simply because she was  mentally and emotionally exhausted. I believe everyone has X amount of creative energy and no more. Every minute you spend on other business interests detracts from your main business. No deal here.




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