Senior Lecturer at the University of Florida Incorporates Shark Tank in Management Curriculum

Jane Bachelor, a Senior Lecturer in Food and Resource Economics at the University of Florida recently received NACTA’s Educator Award for excellence in college teaching at the national and international level.  Her courses are attended by nearly 800 online students from across the country and around the world.

Bachelor recently incorporated selected  “Shark Tank” episodes in her curriculum to illustrate to her students how entrepreneurs can utilize various presentation techniques to convince a potential investor to help fund their companies. The students gained authentic entrepreneurial experience through Shark Tank.

“They’re learning sales and communication. We discuss presentations that led to investments by the Sharks, as well as those that were not as successful. We talk about what the entrepreneurs could have done differently”,  states Bachelor.

Bachelor went on to say, “We had help from Tim McEneny, who met with our students online to critique their analysis of each entrepreneur. Tim started his career working for large corporations and later became a very successful internet entrepreneur. He’s the author of “Unlocking Your Entrepreneurial Potential”and is an independent blogger for “Shark Tank” and CNBC’s “The Profit”. He mentors numerous entrepreneurs, and judges college Business Plan contests.

For Jane Bachelor, the goal of all the class exercises is to create students who ask good questions….whether they’re watching Shark Tank or evaluating a job offer.

“They learn to evaluate and think more critically. Utilizing higher order thinking skills, they problem-solve. These are skills they’ll need when they go for their first job. That’s the goal”.




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Author of "Unlocking Your Entrpreneurial Potential: Marketing, Money, and Management Strategies for the Self-Funded Entrepreneur"
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