Shark Tank episode aired November 6, 2015

After the excitement of last week’s episode, tonite’s show was a real letdown. All of tonite’s entrepreneurs were way”too early”….clearly not ready to seek the Shark’s investments.

First up were Gabe and Ani from Wink Frozen Desserts. The Sharks thought their ice cream substitute didn’t taste very good.  Mr. Wonderful suggested that they double the calories to improve the taste. That would still leave their product at 200 calories per pint vs. an industry average of 600. This was a great suggestion. They received no offers.

Deborah and Hugo from Saavy Naturals made a great couple, but didn’t seem like saavy business people. Shark Barbara loved them and their passion, and made an offer for 40% of their skin products company. Barbara wants to change their name (good idea), and may be able to make something of this business. If anyone can, she can.

Arthur and Ryan from Clean Cube gave a decent presentation and demo of their “doorman replacement system” for apartments. They had a few installations in NYC, but were too early to pitch the Sharks. No deal here.

Gloria and Linda from Simply Fit Board generated some interest from the Sharks for their “balance board”. They were selling their board for $45, and their cost was $9.75 to produce one. Lori ended up getting a deal for 20% equity for an investment of $125K.  Since there’s nothing proprietary about their product, they’ll have to move fast before competitors knock it off.

Update: Congrats to Shark Tank alumnae Tipsy Elves and Shark Robert. Their sales now exceed $10 million plus for their intentionally ugly Christmas sweaters!



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