Shark Tank episode aired November 13, 2015

This episode featured four Millennial Entrepreneurs . Each was impressive, but one stood out and is the winner of my weekly Sharky Award for entrepreneurial excellence.

Sharky Award

Sharky Award
Polar Pro
November 13, 2015

When Jeff from Polar Pro first walked into the tank, he seemed like the stereotypical Southern California surfer dude. He spoke in Valleyspeak cadence, and talked about how “sick” his camera filters were.

Shame on me for thinking the Sharks would devour the surfer dude.

To use a millennial expression, he crushed it! Using $2,000 of his college book money, he started a company that designs and manufactures camera filters that make all videos look more professional. What got the Sharks excited was Polar Pro’s annual sales ($2.8 million last year and $5.6 million forecasted for this year), and the fact that Jeff”s biggest selling product is camera filters for drones…….a rapidly growing market.

Sharks Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec teamed up to invest $1 million for 20% of Jeff’s company. This will be a great partnership. Epic!

Best of the Rest………Nate and Desiree from Unshrinkit have developed “the emergency sweater saver”. Lori estimated the potential market size for unshrinking shrunken wool sweaters is relatively small, and I would have to agree.    I think Mark Cuban’s reason for investing was more because of these two impressive Harvard Business School grads than the product they brought to the tank.

Bryce from Clean Grip got a last minute deal from Shark Lori for his all- natural hand cleaning product. Bryce was targeting the motorcycle industry, but I would guess after Lori redesigns his packaging and improves his margins, he’ll be on QVC in no time at all.

Maxwell from AFreshSheet is on to something, but he needs to improve the quality of his sheets (they need to be softer) and get some actual customer orders before seeking outside investment. The Sharks could see his disposable sheet product being a good fit for hospitals and nursing homes, but he was too early to land a deal. Stay with it Max!


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