Shark Tank episode aired January 8, 2016

This episode featured the weakest line-up of entrepreneurs in Shark Tank history. They all had tremendous passion (a little too much in some cases) but gave very poor presentations.

Tony, Scott, and Wesley from Spretz are three great guys that came to the tank way too early. With a grand total of $3,500 in sales, no investor is going to get excited about a breath (and hand) freshener…..even if it does work. It’s a very competitive space filled with huge competitors.

Evan from Hungry Harvest sold bags of deformed vegetables that were still edible for $15 a bag. Shark Robert was touched by the humanitarian aspect of this business and offered Evan double what he was asking for. Incredibly, Evan “looked a gift horse in the mouth”, and was hoping for other offers. He almost blew it, but came to his senses just in time to accept Robert’s more than generous offer.

Marie and Alanna from Controlled Chaos should change their name to Uncontrolled Chaos based on their presentation. Their Curl Up & Shine hair product helps women with curly hair straighten their hair. These two were flaky, naïve, and generally out of control throughout their presentation. Somehow they got a deal with Lori who will probably make these two successful in spite of themselves.

Lindsey from EZPZ came into the tank with the most ridiculous company valuation in Shark Tank history……..$20 million for a company that has sold a little over $1 million of their Happy Mats. It’s essentially a rubber place mat with attached rubber bowls.

At least Lindsey created some great TV moments with her bulging eyes and hilarious double takes. She would make a great Saturday Night Live character.  Shark Robert described her as “all over the map”.

Despite her histrionics, she ended up getting two offers and, shockingly, she turned them both down. Shark Barbara would have been THE perfect partner for her, but Lindsey turned down her offer. I would say Lindsey is the type of person who “doesn’t know what she doesn’t know”…..a serious liability for any entrepreneur.

Update: The ONLY highlight of this episode was LuminAid, who won the Sharky for Best Presentation of Season 6 (Youth Division). They have doubled their sales to over $2 million and donated their solar-powered lighting product to people in  over 50 countries around the world since their appearance on Shark Tank.


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