“Beyond the Tank” aired January 14, 2016

All three past contestants featured in this episode were winners of my Platinum Sharky Award. They are all doing very well. Two got investments from the Sharks and one did not.

The Paint Brush Cover got an investment from Shark Lori. They finally changed their packaging (at Lori’s urging) and now have their paint brush and roller covers in Home Depot.

I am very proud of Liz Lovely……Liz has overcome so many hardships. After her appearance on Shark Tank where she left without a deal, she went thru a divorce with her husband/business partner after 18 years of marriage. Despite the loss, she has increased her annual sales from $1 million  to $2.7 million.

Speaking of overcoming adversity, Mark and Hanna from Lollacup from Season 3 have gone thru hell. Hanna experienced a severe skin disease that was so painful she ended up spending her days in the bath tub. Her work ethic is so strong, however, she managed to send/answer emails while trying to deal with the pain. Despite these hurdles, they have almost tripled sales to $2 million since their appearance on Shark Tank.




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