“Beyond the Tank” aired January 5, 2016

People constantly tell me they want to know whats happened to the Shark Tank entrepreneurs after their appearance on the show. “Beyond the Tank” profiles three past contestants per episode. From a personal standpoint, it helps me rate myself on my original analysis of the entrepreneurs. Based on this episode, I would have to give myself an A+. Here’s why…..

There were three companies featured on this episode of “Beyond the Tank”.

Grace & Lace was a Sharky Award winner and was in my Top 10 Best Presentations list for Season 5. Their sales are now over $10 million and they’ve figured out a way to increase their product design capacity which had become a bottleneck. This will fuel even more  growth in the future. Shark Barbara invested in Grace & Lace and continues to help them solve problems and grow revenues.

bee thinking appeared in Season 6, but did not receive an investment from the Sharks. Matt said that he realized afterward that he had set his company valuation way too high (probably double what it should have been). Despite not getting a deal, I had pointed out in my analysis, “Matt is all-in and I think he will do fine on his own”. His sales of bee hives have exploded and he now has Daymond interested in his company. Who says you need an outside investor for a start-up to be successful? Self-funding is still a very viable option.

Scrub Daddy is the largest selling product in Shark Tank history with over $75 million in sales since their appearance on October 26, 2012.  They had won my Sharky Award and were ranked 2nd in the Top 10 Best Presentations of Season 4. With over 100 appearances on QVC, Shark Lori deserves a lot of credit for their success.

Although I view Scrub Daddy as validation of my analysis and my Best and Worst rankings, I would love to see a follow-up story on Tom+Chee, the winner of my Best Presentation of Season 4.



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