“Beyond the Tank” aired January 28, 2016

Alas, my winning streak has come to an end. For the first three episodes of “Beyond the Tank”, my forecast for each Shark Tank contestant has turned out to be very accurate.

The streak ended abruptly with Stephan from Tower Paddle Boards. I had given him the dreaded Shark Chum Award for making a terrible presentation. He actually froze and forgot his entire pitch. After what seemed like an eternity, Stephan rebooted and started his presentation. When he was done, I could tell he was brilliant, but the presentation got off to such a bad start, I had to give him the Shark Chum Award.

Fortunately for Stephan, Mark Cuban saw something in him and Mark made an investment in Tower. Stephan’s sales are now over $5 million a year and he is now planning to take Tower to the next level by becoming a Beach lifestyle brand.

Next up was Bobby and Judy from Squatty Potty. They sold $3 million worth of their squatting “stools” in the first 3 weeks after their appearance on Shark Tank! Shark Lori invested in the company and she’s helping them produce a video which will increase their awareness thru Lori’s social network connections. This will save a lot of money vs. going the infomercial route.

Next up was Leslie from Grill Charms from Season 1. Shark Robert invested and helped Leslie land a licensing deal that has allowed her to spend more time with her family while collecting quarterly royalty checks.

Tracey and Danielle from Wicked Good Cupcakes is Mr. Wonderful’s pride and joy. He had negotiated a great deal which pays him 45 cents a cupcake in perpetuity. He helped the ladies avoid a big potential pitfall by steering them away from introducing their new cake mix product, and encouraging them to sell  cookies with corporate logos instead.



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