Shark Tank episode aired February 21, 2016

This episode featured products Made in America.

Although the four presentations were good, none of the entrepreneurs were impressive enough to win a Sharky Award for entrepreneurial excellence.

First  up was Frank and Konel from Insta-Fire. Their product helps people start fires in their fireplaces, grills, camp sites, etc. They have a very profitable business with $850K in Sales and $238K in Profits. Frank and Konel got a nice deal from Mark and Lori……$300K for 30% equity.

Next up were Dee and Angie from Custard Stand in West Virginia. They wanted to become a national brand but the Sharks were afraid their hot dog chili might only appeal to people in their region. They had $1.6 million in sales but had $700K in debt…..way too much for the Sharks to make a deal.

Erik and Brian from PRx Performance had a Patent Pending weight lifting/exercise rack designed for small spaces. Mr.Wonderful said he could help them sue the competitors that infringed on their patent (if they ever get one). Erik and Brian accepted his offer of $80K…..presumably to be used to pay for a law firm retainer. Not a great way to grow a business.

Rachel from Rags to Riches was the star of the show. She had over $792K in Sales…..95% of her sales were Toddler Rompers…..all sold online. Rachel gave a very good presentation but had one really annoying habit that prevented her from winning a Sharky Award. She  repeatedly said “Here’s the Deal” before answering the Sharks’ questions.

Despite this peccadillo, Rachel got a deal from Shark Robert who compared Rags to Riches to Tipsy Elves, another Shark Tank contestant who he invested in that has become extremely successful.


Starting with this episode, I will be giving an overall rating for each Shark Tank episode. The rating will be based on the quality of the presentations, the number and quality of the “lessons learned” by entrepreneurs watching the show, and the overall entertainment value of the show. The rating will be A thru F where A is excellent and F is failure.

                                    RATING OF THIS EPISODE………….C+







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