Why is”Beyond the Tank” a flop?

I can’t tell you how many people have asked me if I know what happened to the Shark Tank contestants after they appeared on Shark Tank. Did they make it, or go bust?

And so I had high hopes for “Beyond the Tank”. As a blogger/entrepreneur who analyzes the entrepreneurs appearing on Shark Tank, “Beyond the Tank” allows me to compare my original analysis (at air time) with the results the entrepreneurs actually achieve over time.

The good news is that my analysis and my predictions have been very accurate. My Sharky Award winners are all doing very well.

The bad news is the show isn’t very good, and the ratings reflect it. Only about 2 million people watch each episode vs. 8 million (or so) that watch Shark Tank.

Unlike Shark Tank, the show is slow moving, tedious, and sometimes downright boring. “Beyond the Tank” rehashes the original appearances on Shark Tank and then shows a seemingly scripted and poorly edited meeting between the entrepreneurs and “their” Shark(s). If the viewer is lucky, there may be one teachable moment worth thinking about. Most segments end in hugs and promises to do better.

Unlike Shark Tank, this show has no real beginning, middle, or end. At the conclusion of each segment you’re not sure if a business will survive, thrive, or go belly-up. From that standpoint, the show reflects what most business start-ups go through.

My suggestions to the show’s producers……….

  • Scrap the show, or at least limit it to 30 minutes instead of 60.
  • Provide a “report card” or “scorecard” for each start-up using criteria like the 4M’s of entrepreneurship (Mindset, Marketing, Money, and Management).
  • Replace the show with the Best and Worst of the Shark Tank and give Sharky Awards to the winners in various categories.

I love Shark Tank and the entrepreneurs appearing on the show, and have watched and reviewed every episode since Season 2 (currently in Season 7). There is a desire on the part of many Shark Tank fans to see how the contestants are doing after their appearances.  I want this show to succeed, but changes are needed for it to survive.



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