Shark Tank episode aired October 28, 2016

No sense airing a great episode when competing with a World Series game. When the highlight of the show is two grown men dressed as potatoes, you’re certainly not in danger of wasting your “A” material!

Although this eclectic collection of entrepreneurs was weak, they were entertaining! I’d give this episode a D for entrepreneurial content but an A for entertainment value.

Jorrae and Kelly from Lulu Bang led off this show with their barbecue sauce. Their provocative pitch was fun (“Our product will make you want to bang everything”) but generated no interest from the Sharks. Although they are carried by 170 Walmart stores, the Sharks felt their initial sales were a little light. They also felt a product like this would be hard to sell online because of the low cost and high shipping weight of their products.

Despite not getting a deal, I feel like the two sisters (and daughter) will succeed. As Shark Lori said, “Some women fear the fire, and some women become the fire”. They are already the fire.

Aaron and Andrew of Unpack gave a great comedic, suspenseful presentation. The problem was, no one knew what business they were in when they got done pitching. They ship a customized box of used clothes to a customer’s travel destination so the customer doesn’t have to pack their own clothes. So far they have a grand total of 38 customers.

Mark Cuban told them “your name sucks” and “you don’t know what your business is”. Other than that, it was a great day for Unpack.

Dave from SunScreenr is a credible scientist with two PHD’s but not such a great businessman. He had invented a device that shows you if you’re protected from harmful UV rays. Both Mark and Robert thought people wouldn’t have the discipline to use it. Although Dave had sold 1200 units on Kickstarter, he hadn’t shipped the product so he had no proof that the Sharks were wrong. Dave valued his company at $8 million.

For some unexplainable reason, Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’Leary) struck a deal with Dave for $800K for one-third of the business. Dave went from a $8 million valuation to a $2.4 million valuation and took the deal. This deal didn’t make sense to me.

The normally dour Mr. W. must have had a couple of glasses of his own wine before the show, because he was downright giddy when Riad and Alex from Potato Parcel came out dressed as human potatoes. He was so impressed, he struck yet another nonsensical deal with these two who ship potatoes with a message thru the mail. Riad (who is Jimmy Kimmel’s doppelganger) bought the business from Alex for $42K with the hope that he could “takeover the world of potatoes”. Riad, like Kimmel, can ask a totally outlandish question with a straight face.

When he asked Shark Robert and Mr. W how they could help him, I almost fell off my seat laughing.

I quickly switched over the World Series and watched the Indians win a 1-0 thriller.







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