Shark Tank episode 24-aired February 25, 2018

This was one of the weaker episodes. For the Season 9 finale, I would have expected better. Instead, the Sharks stabbed each other in the back, were annoying and obnoxious, and basically hijacked the show. I think the absence of Mr. Wonderful led to an episode in disarray.

Uki from Bermies was first up. He made and sold men’s swim suits. He had sales in excess of $300K and had 25,000 instagram followers. Uki had boundless energy,  but lacked a strategic plan. Guest Shark Bethenny Frankel asked him, “So what’s the plan”. Unfortunately Uki didn’t have one (or couldn’t articulate one). He may succeed based on his energy and passion, but he received no offers from the Sharks.

Mariella and Anita from Lace Your Face made sheet masks to improve skin quality. Based on their backgrounds they had credibility and they had sold over $1.3 million of their product. They showed steady growth with annual sales of $150K, $450K, and $750K…..something investors love to see.

Bethenny was interested and made an offer of $350K for 30% equity. Mariella and Anita countered with $350K for 15%. Shark Lori swooped in and aced Bethany by shouting “I’ll take that deal” before Bethenny could respond. Lori’s offer was accepted and Bethenny had been kicked to the curb.

Alfonso from OA Foods had two product lines. The first product, Palmini, was a pasta substitute made of hearts of palm. He had only been selling this product for 3 months  (sales of $50K). The second was Quinoa which had been sold for a longer period of time and had annual sales of $400K.

Shark Lori and Mark Cuban were super excited by Alfonso and his products and teamed up to make an offer of $300K for 30% equity. Alfonso got them down to 25% and accepted the offer. After it was over, Alfonso admitted he was thrilled to have these two as partners and would have taken their original offer of 30% equity. Well played!

Brooks from Thrive+ recently graduated from Princeton. His product reduces the negative after-effects of drinking alcoholic beverages. It is essentially a “multi-vitamin for drinkers”.  Mark Cuban is always very suspicious of supplements, and this was no exception. Mark “hijacked” the presentation (Shark Robert’s words) and spent a lot of time asking very detailed questions about the science behind Thrive+. Once the discussion turned to nano particles, the other Sharks became board and lost interest. No deal here.

Sparks flew among the Sharks after the presentation concluded. First Bethenny and Mark went at it. Bethhenny said that Mark kept interrupting her whenever she had a question for Brooks. Then Shark Robert voiced his displeasure with Mark and how he asked too many questions on the science behind Thrive+.  Robert wanted more discussion on the business and less on the science.

It was a disappointing ending to a mostly uninspiring Season 9.

                        OVERALL RATING OF THIS EPISODE…………….C-




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